Friday, 7 December 2012

You Spin Me Right Round

Paston Mill is situated just outside Mundesley, Norfolk and is a prime example of a well looked after Mill.  I happened to visit one summer evening to avoid my usual dealings with tourists mooching about making a nuisance of themselves and also because the silhouette of the mill on top of a sunset sky was just too tempting.  Thats not to say that people didnt from time to time still turn up to take pictures.  I was surprised to get funny looks from some of them as if i was doing my backround work before the big heist of the whole mill, taking it piece by piece starting with one of the giant paddles strapped to the roof of my car as of course that wouldnt look inconspicuous!  Anyway, the mill is situated on top of a hill so the view over the surrounding fields offers that little bit more.

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