Monday, 16 September 2013

Norwich By Nightfall

I know my general photo's are normally set in the more traditional 'landscape' category but Doing some urban photography was a breath of fresh air and something i really enjoyed.This particular trip i had my brother along with me as he's a keen photographer and my tour guide for the evening too.We started up at Mousehold heath which overlooks the city and was greeted by a beautiful sky with the sun rays catching off the clouds and so i knew already it was going to be a good trip.We had parked up opposite the prison there and was a relief to see the car was still there when we returned.I suppose if anyone was to escape then least they'd be able to see the whole of the city before deciding which way to run,very thoughtful of them at the prison.After Mousehold we headed into the city itself and mainly followed the river along.In an urban landscape there is always such a mixture of different themes so theres always alot of diversity when your taking pictures.As ever,there are always funny moments when out.To pick out just a few highlights,Nearly tripping over a chain guard which would have catapulted me into the river,Some drunk bloke carrying a coffee cup (which i suspect didn't have coffee in) trying to find something on the ground which i can only assume was his dignity.Also having some moron in a car shout 'what are you perverts looking at' when were stood in front of a cathedral all lit up in its glory,clearly this ape (actually that's an insult to apes) was using all his skills just to keep his car on the road and his spacial awareness obviously lacked along with his intelligence too.What else,oh there was me trying to block out glare from my brothers camera with my hand then realizing it looked like i was saluting the traffic......we salute you! My favourite had to be getting my brother to gurn for a shot on a long exposure with both of us completely oblivious to the fact that 2 ladies were coming are way,so god knows what they must of thought to the two guys who seemed to show an over excitement to finding a roundabout.All in all tho,it was a great night and was topped off with capturing the light trails of the traffic from a fly over above.Well worth doing.  

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