Monday, 26 August 2013

Can Someone Bail Me Out?

I absolutely love the summertime and even more where i live as im surrounded by countryside and fields.Ive been fascinated by bails from even an early age,altho when younger more to climb on and have fond memories of seeing my brother get run down by one courtesy of my sister.There such an interesting subject for the photographer and no matter how cack-handed the farmer makes and positions them,they just fall into patterns.I must of looked mental sat in the middle of a field as people drove past on a nearby road but hey,i was in my element so didn't care! If there was ever any reason for me to become a farmer then it would be for the sole reason of making bails i think.You have to be quick to find bail fields as i found out the other day as i found some,only for the farmer to be collecting them in at such speed that i thought he was trying to break some sort of Guinness world record! This is just one of the many reasons why i love the summer so much.

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