Saturday, 10 August 2013

Suffer For Your Art!

They say that you have to sometimes suffer for your art,well that certainly happens when dragging your lifeless corpse out of bed at some ungodly hour to capture a sunrise.Ive certainly been called bonkers by a few people now for doing it,but a sunrise is truly spectacular to see.Its like seeing the blank canvas for the day,then seeing it painted in front of your very eyes.This one was a particular tough one as id been playing football the night before and my body had seemed to go into shutdown afterwards.The other problem i have with getting up for sunrises is that my brain seems to stop me sleeping,with constant reminders that i have to be up in a matter of a few hours and so i cant switch off.I think its also excitement because you just never know what your gonna experience that morning.It was dark when i got up and in fairness i wasnt too bad.Certainly eating a packet of chilli crisps and a mars bar at 4 in the morning is an 'interesting' experience for your stomach.It was still dark when i got to Happisburgh beach but it gave me time to walk a stretch of the beach before the main event.I find myself in this constant battle with the tide,with me almost goading it as i try to get the shot and the sea trying its best to soak me.I had a few squeaky bum moments as my camera sat on the tripod,then seeing the sea come in with me having to leave the camera sat there praying the tide didn't knock it over into the murky deep.Slippery rocks are another hazard with one false step and you seeing that your legs can bend into some very unnatural positions! The cloud was heavier too but watching the sun creep over the top still blew me away.While your out you have that buzz but you soon drop when your on your way home and having to take 2 naps that day just to feel human again is a small downside for something so rewarding.

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