Monday, 29 July 2013

For My Next Trick.....

I keep promising myself that ill try and keep away from doing more seascapes but i always seem to end up there again.The thing is with seascapes,they offer you so much diversity.You could go to the same beach everyday for a week and it would always offer a different perspective because of the tides and weather conditions.Its like a blank canvas and the sea comes in and paints its picture on the scene.These were taken one evening down at Walcott,Norfolk.It was a spur of the moment thing (i know what your thinking,how rare for me) and i did take a risk with some weather patterns more random then a conversation down the pub with your mates about the universe after 10 pints,but it just added to the great sky i was presented with.I have to admit tho that sometimes i get caught up in the photo im taking and got pointed out to me by a family there,that a seal had swam past near to me whilst taking a series of shots.Always helpful to know AFTER the thing has disappeared! My brain has these crazy notions from time to time of little stunts i can perform to get a picture too,with promises of grandeur at the end of it.This particular one involved me doing a high wire walk out along a groyne with the sea crashing below me.At one point i did my best impression of a bird and flapped for dear life to keep balance and in all fairness didn't fall off,but my smugness turned to coyness when i realized that id chose the only part of the beach where a local pubs beer garden overlooked it.What could be better,some entertainment while you drink your beer watching some clown stagger along a thin bit of wood with the finesse of a cow on roller skates! Looking at the positives,least i didn't end up in the water,much to the disappointment of the local drunks.   

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