Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Doorstep Delights (And Tiny Gripes)

Sometimes as a photographer,you only have to venture a short way from your doorstep to capture something special.I,like any true English person find reasons to moan about where i live from time to time.For instance,the family across the road from me don't seem to have grasped the concept of enjoying the peace and quiet of the countryside and seem to want everyone within a 10 mile radius to know exactly what there up to all the time.Either that,or there going for the Guinness world record for noise pollution.I pray for the day a remote control for humans is invented,to be honest i only need the mute button in fairness.The other thing is the amount of microlights and planes that seem to think that my house is air control HQ.Its like listening to depressed Bee's hovering above.'Hello,this is air control....yes we have a free runway for you.....No,there are not cars on it and in no way have i directed you towards a main road'.My point is tho (finally) that apart from these annoyances,i have alot to be thankful for where i live and i think these pictures give just a small glimpse into why i love it here and when you look at Norfolk as a whole,it can really be beautiful.

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