Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Now What Was I Doing Again?

Generally before ive even picked up my camera,i have an idea in my mind of how i want the pictures to look and feel of the place im visiting.This is obviously only relevant to places ive already been to before and dont own an amazing ability to see the unknown (much to my own disappointment).From time to time tho,i get
side-tracked.Ok,to say 'from time to time' would be a massive understatement if im being truthful and now as i write this i realize im proving my own theory right so back to the main point.Overstrand was one of those 'special' times of mine.Id wanted to do a sunset down on overstrand beach for a while,but as you can probably tell from the pictures,id either forgot to include a key factor of sunset....the sun setting or i got
side-tracked.But this time it was a good thing.The colour in all fairness never really appeared in the sky but a misty sky allowed for the calm and almost dream like pictures i took instead.As i turned up,there seemed to be a ton of people all in the water who i couldnt help thinking hadnt really choosen the warmest part of the day for a swim.Either that,or someone had told the local tourists that the water at this time of the day had 'healing properties' and then sat in amazement at how well his joke had worked.Despite the oceans best efforts to give me a watery slap round the chops,i came back with a set of shots that came about
on a 'side-tracked' whim but feel exceeded my first ideas.

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