Saturday, 5 October 2013

Just Call Me Wave Dodger!

Yes people,its another sunrise set! Apart from having to get up at stupid 'o clock,i just love this time of the day and feel it rewards you for you sleep deprived sacrifice.Walcott was the destination for these shots and id taken a couple of sunset ones down here with great results so it only seemed right to do the other side of it.I was abit limited to the photo's that i could take tho as it was high tide and so had no beach to walk along but i tried to make the most of the section i had.The waves were at full power and amazing to see them crash against the sea defenses.I had just set the camera up for the first shot on a long shutter speed with not a soul in sight but as soon as i hit the button,then the local police thought it would be a great moment to pull up with there headlights blaring so that ruined the first shot,cheers for that guys! I then spent the rest of the morning dodging incoming waves but in my opinion it just makes it more exciting.There were a few times when i nearly got caught but hey,sometimes you need to put yourself in the firing line to get the best pictures.It was a beautiful red skied sunrise and coupled with the waves,i think it made a good variety on the usual photo's.

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