Friday, 25 October 2013

Where's Wally.......Parked By The Pier!

I always laugh when im out with my camera,at the looks i get from people.Its like they've never seen someone with a camera taking pictures before.Maybe they think im trying to photograph them which couldn't be further from the truth.I hate having people trudging through my landscape scenes and if i could,id hire someone to shuffle them away,like a bouncer!I know it sounds selfish and everyone has the right to enjoy the great outdoors but it can be frustrating setting up the perfect shot,only for someone to trundle on through without a care in the world,oblivious to everything else around them.The least they could do is provide something exciting to photograph like being fired across the scene in a blaze of glory with a multicoloured smoke trail,as fireworks go off in the that too much to ask? I think on this particular occasion i had been infuriated as i set up one scene looking down onto the front of the pier with the beautiful square leading up to it,only for some plonker to pull up in his land rover,park up then sod off onto the pier! The times you long for a rocket launcher were so much more evident at that point! All in all tho,it was a lovely night with this beautiful pastel purple sky and Cromer seafront is always a welcome paradise for the photographer.Not only is the pier a great focus point but with all the fishing boats lined up along the beach and the many rock pools,it has alittle bit of everything to offer.   

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