Saturday, 16 November 2013

What Have You Been Feeding It???

These sets of pictures were taken over 2 days and shows how the weather can change so quickly from a blanket of grey cloud to the sunshine breaking through with blue skies.Both days started off very uninviting but developed into beautiful afternoons.At this time of year you get a lovely golden light across everything and it just makes your pictures feel warm even tho in reality its bloody cold! Its always a treat when your out walking and you get some animals to photograph as there such characters,there always intrigued to know what your doing (or in reality there thinking you've come to feed them) The bulls you see in a couple of the pictures was taken with care.What is hard to show in the photo is scale and one of the beasts was huge,as in id wondered if it had been genetically modified using dinosaur D.N.A! Even more worrying was the small flimsy wooden fence separating me from them.I'm just glad i wasn't wearing any red as i had visions of a horror film,being chased across a field by this monstrous beast! They seemed quite happy to have there photo taken but i was still ready to run the quickest mile of my life!

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