Saturday, 7 December 2013

Lets Play A Game...

As much as i enjoy my landscape work,its always nice to have a change and try other styles.Ive always liked still life photography,its the challenge of taking everyday objects and making them interesting and seeing them from a different perspective.Its funny how the things we overlook on a daily basis can make intriguing subjects,with just abit of imagination.Still life is also a favorite because on days when its cold and wet outside,you can do your photography from the comfort and warmth of your house and everything you need is there,all you need is the imagination to create something different.Alot of people would have an idea all ready to try but i prefer to hoard aload of items first,like some treasure bandit then i usually find that i start to get ideas and just try out different arrangements.Its alot of trial and error really but its the excitement of starting off with alot of innocuous items and then seeing what you've created at the end of it all.  

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