Friday, 13 December 2013

The Mists Have Cleared........Unfortunately!

Its an odd feeling when you've got yourself ready for a specific thing to happen when your going to head out with the camera,for it to not appear then you find yourself wondering 'what next?'.In this case,id had thick fog for the previous two mornings when i wasn't able to get out to take photo's (more commonly known as sod's law) but had the next day ready to capture some mist covered landscapes.I'd convinced myself that's what id get and even based my locations on this factor.There's a saying that goes 'If you dont want to ruin your ideas then don't tell life your plans'.Well in this case that was very true.Id got up early and headed out,but to my disbelief there was a mere sparrows fart worth of mist in sight.I had my 'what now' situation,but threw caution to the wind and headed out anyway.The Mundesley Golf Course isn't far away from me and with its sweeping hills and manicured fairways,it was always somewhere id wanted to cover in my photo's.Now for obvious reasons,you cant just rock up on the 8th hole in the middle of the day with you camera on tripod and just start taking pictures.Your chances of getting hit by a high velocity golfball are greatly increased and the golfers themselves aren't best pleased with the coverage,because saying to them 'Don't worry about me,carry on as normal' doesn't quite cut it.I arrived about 30mins before sunrise and was greeted by a serene sky.Its like life had said 'sorry,were all out of fog today but here's a pink sky instead for your trouble' and it was greatly received.Afterwards i headed down into Mundesley itself to make the most of the trip.I tried my hardest to refrain from taking seascapes but seeing a lone fisherman set up on the sands was just too tempting a subject.As i've said in previous posts,people are normally a unwelcome distraction in my pictures but in this instance i think they made the pictures what they are.  

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