Friday, 3 January 2014

Whatever Floats Your Boat!

Well its the beginning of 2014 and what better way to start it then with a trip down to Blakeney,Norfolk.Now i know in a previous post id made a big point of  the weather always being dull and overcast everytime i'd planned a trip there,but i've found the secret! Don't plan on going there,just wake up one sunny morning and just go! Considering it was only 2 days into January,it was a glorious sunny day altho the bitter wind gusts did take the shine off it alittle.This bitter breeze seem to want to turn my carrier bag with some lunch in,into a kite every few seconds.Either that or people thought my bag was alive and trying to escape my grasp.Id also had one other bit of invaluable kit arrive in the post that very morning,some waterproof hiking boots and trust me,i was so happy i took them! It was so muddy there that it could of rivaled a Glastonbury field after a massive downpour.Even with these minor niggles,Blakeney is such a unique stretch of the Norfolk coast and is certainly one area i could visit on a regular basis if only it was abit closer.There's also one last hurdle to Blakeney and that's the village of Cley just before it.I can only assume that when the village was built that they didnt factor into its plans for anything larger then a person using the roads.There so narrow that the traffic gets gridlocked very easy.Hell,i even saw people walking sideways just to fit down them,let alone taking a car through! Still,it did test my 'how close can you get to other cars and buildings without hitting them' skills.Still,looking over the pictures i took makes me think that it was a great start to the new year and for hopefully better things.

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