Friday, 17 January 2014

The Brolly Folly.....

Well for 2014 i decided to set myself some goals,inside and outside of photography.One main one tho was to try my hand at portrait work.Now by my own admission id never been a big fan of this area..For those of you who read my blogs,your know i tend to go out of my way to make sure people are removed from my pictures and seem to take an unnatural pleasure in doing so.My other put off with portraits is that your subject has to be guided into how you want them to pose and i have to say that i'm a particular shy person and taking that commanding lead quite frankly makes me feel uneasy.Still tho,pushing yourself to try different areas i feel really helps you grow as a photographer.I had it in my mind that if i was to undertake this project then id want to combine portrait with the landscape as i feel it gives you so much scope for interesting pictures and if you didn't already know,i kinda like my landscapes! I was very lucky with my model for the day.Shelly is a friend of mine and has a really fun and caring attitude and so easy to get on with.Not to mention she hadn't modeled before so we were kinda both in the same boat.The day itself was very overcast and dull but with the clothes Shelly wore and a few 'colourful' props really worked out well i feel.I think its important to have a rapor with your model too as we bounced ideas off each other and in fairness,Shelly was a real natural at it.It was certainly a great start to my portrait project of 2014 and has inspired me for the next ones.

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