Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Break In The Weather!

Well the start of 2014 has certainly brought some 'interesting' weather with it so far.Theres been torrential rain,high winds and flooding across the whole of Britain.I had a week off recently which i had all planned for numerous trips out with my camera but for the whole duration of my break the weather was abysmal and ironically the weather turned good when i returned back on my first day to work! I felt like i was getting cabin fever just itching to get out and then a break in the weather appeared so i grabbed it with both hands.Mundesley,Norfolk has always been a favourite spot of mine and it had been a while since going down properly to the beach so that was my sunrise destination.There was a slight hiccup before i'd even got down onto the beach with the original place i park up having been fenced off due to sea damage done a few weeks prior.Still,after a quick change of parking area i was soon down upon the sand.As you can see from some of the pictures above,there was construction machinery parked on the beach as its an ongoing repair to the sea defences but this was to my benefit as its not normally something seen on the beach so the opportunities for interesting focal points was great.There was still plenty of evidence of the destruction from the tidal surge from a few weeks ago but morally i felt it wasn't right to take pictures of this,at the end of the day,its people's lives that have been affected by this and felt it would be in bad taste.Even with the damage present tho,the sunrise brought with it such beauty and just goes to show that the force of nature can be devastating at times but can also leave you awe-struck and amazed too.  

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