Saturday, 26 April 2014

Anyone Got A Light?

As the people who read this normally will know,Blakeney is a spot i've always enjoyed visiting even if the weather has been abit indecisive at times.This trip however was different as this was a night-time shoot.Like many places,it takes on a whole new character once the light fades and the illuminations of the buildings become the light source.This trip had initially been to capture a rare pink moon which happens very little but it did not appear so to plan B.The one thing with doing night-time photography in a city is that your never normally short of a light source to help focus on but out here was a little bit more trickier.If you were shooting across the quay towards the buildings then it was fine but to take in the rest was tough and made even tougher with the lack of a torch too.When placed in this situation tho, you have to make do and so our phones became the light.Another problem was that with such a lack of light it was also near impossible to compose the images so it was a case of taking a picture and then reviewing it afterwards and then recomposing if need be.It was a more complicated shoot then many others but in a way it makes it more rewarding to still come back with some great photo's.The moral of this story is....If your going to do night photography then take a bloody torch with you!

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