Sunday, 30 March 2014

Ground Control!

I've written my distaste about the airfield near to my house before so i thought i'd make it work in my favour for once.The weather for the day had been gorgeous and after eating an amount of food that could of fitted in a dump truck,i thought it best to get some exercise and so take the trusted camera with me.In fairness i hadnt thought about going to the airfield as id spotted a oil seed field earlier on the day that had intrigued me.It was on the way back that i thought id pop by and see what i could snap some pictures of and i was pleasantly surprised.It was later in the afternoon and so the light was softer with a slight haze across which added to it all.There are some similar pictures in this set but i was trying out a few different styles on the edits.At least now when i hear that infernal buzzing noise above my head in the sky,i know exactly what it is causing it!

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