Sunday, 30 March 2014

Garden Glory...

Now im one of those people that can be set in his ways and photography is no exception! This year tho,ive decided that i need to broaden my photographic content and you may of seen my portrait project from a previous blogpost.Well another area im looking at is commercial photography,which brings me onto this post.I'd been contacted to see if i'd like to do some pictures of a local Bed and Breakfast in North Walsham called Chimneys.Its a place i'd drove by many times but it holds a well kept secret.From the front its based on a main road but what many fail to realize is that it has a beautiful and large garden at the back of it.The owners have made there garden open to all its visitors and it has many different aspects to it which made photographing it an absolute pleasure and certainly had plenty to inspire me.I haven't done anything like this really in the past but again,it was a nice break from my usual work.The owners are pleased with the results so far,even if it did take a crack team of specialists to work out how to use a apple mac to view them.Im a windows man and the arduously long winded processes on the mac have confirmed to me that i've made the right choice for doing my processing as my computer would be in tiny little pieces had i been using apple,with me slumped in a corner talking to myself.  

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