Sunday, 30 March 2014

You Little Ripper!

There's a stretch of the Norfolk coastline that ive travelled along to get to Blakeney on previous trips with a few places along the way i've wanted to stop off at.Well that time had come.The first place i stopped off was Aylmerton,Norfolk and more specifically the Roman camp based there.Its a lovely spot and id been there many years before but never got round to going back.Its starts off in a forest area then goes out onto more open parts that overlook the village.The paths you follow go down steep paths and even steeper uphills (or so it feels).If your blessed with the legs of a powerlifter then this will be a 'walk in the park' but it certainly got mine working especially carrying all my equipment too.Its still a nice area and worth the onslaught to your thighs.The second location i went to was Salthouse,Norfolk.This is quite a diverse part with marshland when you pull up and then as you follow the path down it opens out onto shingled beaches.I do wonder about what perception people have of me when out with the camera and this was brought into question on this trip.I'd pulled up by the road there but was unsure if you could park along the road ok.I spied a fellow person admiring the scenery so thought id go ask.Well on approach i've never seen someone pack there stuff up so quickly and get into there car.I did manage to collar him before he sped off in a cloud of dust! The other problem i faced which only became apparent once i'd arrived was that the long shorts i was wearing happened to have a giant rip down one side and so giving anyone within the vicinity a flash of underwear and a pale leg! I'd failed to remember that the last time i wore them id been on holiday doing sport and had ripped them.What the family thought who'd asked me to take a picture for them,i do not know.Needless to say i cunningly used my tripod as a barrier to hide my shame as i strolled on.These two locations are just a couple of great opportunities based in this part of the county,with a pair of ripped shorts only an optional requirement.  

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