Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Overstrand,Understrand....Photographing Free!

I've been told many times that you cant get good landscape pictures during the day and especially at noon because of the position of the sun making everything look 'stark' but hopefully the pictures you see above go towards quashing that faux pas.Yes,it does become more challenging then having the soft light of a sunrise or sunset with the skies to accompany them but during the day you get these beautiful blue skies with white fluffy clouds that paint a picture all by themselves.These pictures were taken from Overstrand,Norfolk and visits to the beach just ease my mind of everything else going on.The one thing i did notice was that every focal interest seemed to be a magnet for the general public and on a few occasions i just gave up waiting for these blundering idiots to stop faffing around! I'm pleased with what i got here and tried mixing in some close up work to cover all that was on offer today.  

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