Tuesday, 26 August 2014

When You Get That Feeling.........Act On It!

As a photographer i'm not one to wait for hours in one place trying to get the perfect conditions,i like to cover alot of ground and make the most of the conditions that are present at that moment.Dont get me wrong,if i think something is about to break then ill stop for a few minutes or take note of interesting spots to return to later too.This approach is very much the same when i do my photography.By that i mean i'm not one of these 24/7 snap shooters,i have times when i'm inspired to do it but also take time away to refill my passion for it.For me,i find your quality of work suffers if you feel obliged to take photos daily to warrant the 'status' of a serious photographer.Its easy to fall into a routine and almost set yourself on autopilot when your taking pictures all the time.I personally follow my gut instincts,feelings and urges to break out the camera.It allows me to act on impulse and make the most of my creative side.I know each person is different with there approach and i'm in no way knocking the more regular snappers.For me tho,you take a small break from photography and when you return,its like you fall back in love with it all over again.The pictures above were taken 'on a feeling' and it provided such a diverse selection starting with the sheep to then be presented with the farming of the land with the end results so much more then i could have expected when i first stepped out the door that day.  

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