Thursday, 4 April 2013

Starting The New Year With A Cheer!

Ah the start of 2013,New years day.After consuming so much food over the festive period that would put a food eating contest to shame i decided on new years day after our meal that fresh air and a walk was in order.We had my sister and brother in law over so we decided on a gentle stroll along the beach at Overstrand.Now if you've read a few of my previous posts then you will realize that i don't tend to have 'gentle' walks when out with my camera and this,my brother in law found out on this particular day.The sun was out and a beautiful blue sky loomed above us.I eased him in with some shots of the beach and wooden groynes but the one thing that i love about Overstrand are the huge granite stones used as wave protectors.Now its just too much of a temptation for me to resist climbing onto these and jumping from stone to stone with such finesse that even Indianna Jones would be proud! The first few stones were a breeze but after getting half way across the pile i realized my brother in law wasn't quite so confident on my playground.The look of 'Why the hell did i follow this lunatic' was written over his face but needless to say we got across with no broken bones or falls.I saw it as an adventure where as i think my brother in law saw it as a good chance of ending up on you've been framed! It was a great way to start the year,Strolling along such a peaceful beach with the sun above and the blue sky and clouds as if they had been painted on a masterpiece.Sounds like bliss........ 

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