Sunday, 31 March 2013

I Waved To The Sea And It Waved Back.....Literally!

Easter Sunday had started well,i turned on my PC for a black screen and got a aromatic burning smell from it for good measure.That had set my mood,i needed to get out with the camera and clear my current mindset.I headed to Overstrand beach to do just that.I was greeted by a rough sea which i thought would ruin the trip at first glance but then seeing it break powerfully over the sea defenses made me change my mind.I set my camera up and got to the bottom of the ramp and was immediately showered by a wave,all over the camera and it certainly woke me up! Luckily the camera was fine after a quick dry off and so i set up precariously close to where the action was.This is certainly my type of photography,something with an element of excitement and the more impending chance of me getting soaked makes it all that bit more fun.Its quite a sight to see nature at its most powerful but also majestic watching the sea batter the promenade.After numerous near misses i captured the pictures you see here and watched my mood change as it got taken out to sea along with the waves.Ive done beach work many times before but the energy today really gives the photo's impact. 

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