Thursday, 28 March 2013

Back With A Blickling Bang!

Its been quite some time since i've posted on here and for that i can only apologize truly.Id visited Blickling hall way back when i first started getting into photography and up until this day it always feels like an unfinished project to truly capture all this place has to offer.I decided to visit for my birthday as a treat but with two slight problems.The first being that my birthday is in March and the second that we've had weather this year that would make even a polar bears nuts cold! I hadn't had high hopes the night before for getting good weather but was greeted to blue skies the next day which brought a smile to my face.As you can see i had blue skies but don't be fooled into thinking it was warm.My face became so numb that it felt i had been laying on it for days.Despite all the cold,this place still shone out to me.My only other gripes were the people across the lake from me who seemed to be communicating using megaphones even tho they were stood right next to each other and the person shouting at his dog constantly with my only thought being 'please drag your owner into the lake!' All in all tho,a nice way to spend my birthday.

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