Thursday, 28 March 2013

Happiburgh Hazy Days

Heading to Happiburgh that day was a random,sporadic choice but sometimes there the best ones.I had been due to meet my friend Simon Watson at Dilham (the location of previous capers) but started the day off brilliantly by getting lost on the way there.In all fairness i hadn't actually drove into Dilham before as we'd walked from outside the village in the past.After meeting up with Simon,He'd been told from person X (i leave the name out to spare Simon landing in the proverbial poo) about a lane flooded with daffodils as far as your eyes could see.Both of us had been skeptical considering the conditions which could only be described as arctic would not bode well with flowers in full bloom but still we headed there.In fairness there were lots of daffodils at the place but unless someone had come along in a horticultural rage and chopped all the heads off the plants then they hadn't come out.The person had seen a photo from the previous year and thought it had been recently taken.Well now we were stuck where to go so Simon suggested Happiburgh.I hadnt taken pictures up there before and he'd had luck previous times there with his camera.We really didnt have much to work with that day as the sky was grey and dull and the usual cold snap too.Think we both done well still,just forced us to be more creative with our photography.Certainly a place to revisit on a sunrise/sunset as it has alot of potential for some stunning pictures.

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