Friday, 29 March 2013

Felbrigg Fence Jumper....

Ah Felbrigg Hall,this was the first sunny day of 2013 and i was definitely not gonna waste this opportunity,only it was a Saturday and i had been out the night before on the drink.My plan was simple,id get plenty of coca cola down me to refresh me for the day ahead.All was going well until 10 minutes into my walk around the grounds when suddenly my bladder decided it was full.After frantic searching around,i found a ditch and done my best meercat impression as i kept look out for ramblers.Crisis averted i carried on.My other problem with Felbrigg is there lack of clear paths and after a random cat took great interest in me trying to navigate a boggy stench pit,i found myself in a field which once i was halfway across realized there was no gate the other side.I know what your thinking 'head back the way you came'.The only problem was an elderly couple had thought i knew where i was going and followed me.....suckers! I had got ahead and over the hill so was out of sight.I ended up climbing a barb wire fence hoping that i didn't catch any 'particulars' on the way over.As i stood the other side of the fence this poor couple came over the hill and realized where there 'tour guide' had lead them! I think the man was willing to give it a try but a firm 'im not climbing that!' from the wife soon put an end to that.As they sloped off i couldn't help thinking 'Unlucky losers!' bad i know.The rest went without any hitch and certainly enjoyed the lovely weather and these are my memories of the first nice day of 2013 :)

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