Thursday, 2 May 2013

Todays Word is YELLOW!

This trip almost started off very badly when i nearly stacked into a tractor on the way to Blickling.Admittedly it was my fault as i indicated to turn off,realized it was wrong turning so went to go straight on and saw a tractor across the road.Needless to say old farmer Giles in his tractor wasn't too happy,probably put him behind schedule with his muck spreading or something! It was all on the up after that,apart from watching in fear as some old fart tried to park his car next to mine but made a right hash of it.Blickling has so much to offer and i caught it at the right time as the sheep were grazing with there young,not to mention the bluebells in the forest and a field flooded with yellow dandelions gave me such great opportunities.I did have to suffer for my art to get the pictures of the bluebells as there were thorny traps everywhere with the battle wounds on my legs to prove it! As the sun shone down on me and i gazed across the lake i thought to myself 'Now if only i could do this all the time, id be one happy person'. Even driving home wasn't the end tho as i pulled the car over to be greeted with a field of oil seed which surged off into the distance on a wave of yellow.     

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