Saturday, 8 June 2013

Fly Me To The Beach!

The weather around this time was so unpredictable that one of my best sunrises very nearly didn't come to fruitition.Id set the alarm at that ungodly hour to get up for this sunrise but was greeted with what seemed like gale force winds outside my window.I sat for a few minutes wondering if it was just best to go back to sleep with my bed beckoning me to return but i decided that if i was up then i might aswell drag myself down to Cromer beach.To be honest i think i could have attached myself to a kite and flown down there with the wind as it was.I arrived down at Cromer but as i opened the door i was greeted with a light breeze which i can then only assume that a vortex had been planted over my house.Needless to say this was one of the best sunrises ive experienced so far so the moral of the story is,if you don't take a risk sometimes then you may miss out on something very special.I felt quite honored as when i returned home and laid down for an hour,the weather had changed to dull and rainy when i got up and didn't change for the rest of the day.It seemed like nature had reserved me a time slot that morning and i made the most of it!

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