Thursday, 13 June 2013

'Wet Foot,Squidgy Shoe!'

Blakeney Point,Norfolk is one of those places that will always stick in my mind,but i haven't always had luck with mother nature there.The first time i visited was for one of my birthdays,armed with my new camera and i was bathed in blue skies and sunshine but everytime since ive been greeted with dull grey,flat skies.I swear they have a giant grey curtain there that they drop down when they know i'm coming to take pictures and then when i leave the curtain is raised to reveal the blue sky again! Its like i had a blue sky pass for the first trip,like a new customer perk but now that's expired.Even in drab conditions tho,its still takes a hold of you.The boats moored up there give the keen photographer plenty of focal points and you can see for miles over flat expanses of water and marshland.If you do stray from the normal paths tho,you do find yourself playing a favorite game i like to call 'Wet foot,Squidgy shoe!' and most of the time you lose,having the rest of your walk with your shoes playing a fart sounding orchestra with every step.Seating is limited too but i managed to find a plastic drum to perch on while i ate my lunch and in the extreme circumstance of a flash flood where i was,at least i would of had a float aid! Blakeney point is a well known area of Norfolk and rightly so,as it offers alot to see.My only advice is,make the most of your blue sky pass! 

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