Sunday, 16 June 2013

Pier Pressure!

If i was to describe my photographic style then 'spontaneous' would hit the nail right on the head and the pictures here were very firmly from that category.Id been thinking about a sunset id seen 2 nights prior to this night and that was enough,the seed had been planted! I checked the weather forecast and my eyes lit up as the sun was due a rare appearance and right at sunset.After unsuccessfully trying to convince my photographic partner in crime Simon Watson to stage an emergency of catastrophic proportions which would mean him having to leave his tasks he was doing,oh and convince his wife that he also needed his camera and all his equipment for a few hours without it sounding suspicious,i ended up funny enough, going on my own.The time i was down at Cromer that evening past in a blur of an orange and pink haze but to go from having an uneventful evening planned to what i captured here all within a 2 hour time slot made it the right choice by far.My friend Simon had vowed to giving me the silent treatment on facebook if i captured a good night of pictures that he would of missed out on...............All is quiet on the western front!        


  1. Look forward to this weeks shoot,mate :>>>>

  2. Definitely,been analyzing the weather for tuesday night mate lol