Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Cliff climbing,All in a days work!

Trimingham,Norfolk is a particular favorite beach near to where I live. With its high cliffs and old wooden sea defenses which ooze character with the bonus of it normally being quite secluded, so my urge to want to eradicate people from my photo's in editing is greatly reduced. It does have one downside tho, In order to make it onto the beach you have to overcome one slight obstacle....the Cliff face. It does have a vague route down the cliff which looks like it was designed back at the dawn of time and like any good challenge, changes with each trip. I may have on one occasion played down the severity of this point to my friend Simon Watson on one such trip down there. It hadn’t helped matters that it had rained during the day and so was more suited to skiing down rather then walking. Thinking back, I think our 'lost' trip round Dilham may have been him returning this favor. Even still, Trimingham has been host to some beautiful photo's and a cliff top footpath gives amazing views out to sea. I just see the cliff walk as another part along the adventure.    

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