Wednesday, 28 November 2012

As subtle as a brick through a window.

Sea palling,Norfolk is not like your normal beaches found along that stretch of coast.The cliffs are replaced by sweeping sand dunes and and a visually pleasing rock sea defense which encloses the area nicely.Its very popular because of these points so i tend to visit in the evenings when its quietened down.Seeing the sea defenses does revert me back to being a child,with signs clearly stating 'please dont climb on the rocks' which in reality means 'we know your gonna climb over these rocks but if you hurt yourself then dont come crying to us!' Abit futher up from Sea Palling is Winterton which is the story that has inspired this blog post.My brother James is also into his photography and had brought a new lens which he was ready to put through its paces.On arriving at winterton he attached what could be better described as what looked more like a rocket launcher then a lens.Its the kind of thing you'd expect sly stallone to carry around just before he was about to take on a small army in a 80's classic.As my brother Wielded this thing around the beach i couldnt help wonder whether he was going to take pictures or attempt to blow up a boat in the distance! Both these beaches tho have plenty to offer to keep you interested and the seals seem to have taken up residence around that area too.

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