Wednesday, 28 November 2012

If only animals could talk....

Animals have always been a popular subject for the photographer, whether it be your house pets, wildlife outside your door or that funny chimp in the zoo that always puts on a show for his eager audience. What makes them so appealing....I think its there unpredictability and that they aren’t restricted to the same rules of normal behavior as us. Admittedly seeing a human perched in a tree, who then swoops down onto your lawn to gorge on the potato skins you put out from last night would seem pretty strange but what a image that’s conjures up! Taking pictures of these animals can be a tricky affair though as I found out when I purchased a zoom lens for my camera and was eager to try it out. The birds congregate every morning in my garden like some social elderly group and so thought they would make the perfect subjects. After setting up camera and tripod by the shade of a tree next to my pond in the garden, I done my best impression of a human statue and waited for the little blighters to once again descend on the lawn. After all I had laid out a smorgus board of treats for them (well if stale bread and the scrapings from lasts night dinner can be classed as that) but alas, they stayed in there trees and mocked me with there chirps. Still tho, as I was about to give up, a frog popped his head up from the pond. Obviously he was curious as to whom the birds were laughing at and so he became my muse. As for the birds, Im drawing up plans like they do in the cartoons to get those pictures. No doubt it will end with an acme rocket involved and me looking grim faced again! 

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