Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Did we just get lost?!

After chatting to a friend of mine,Simon Watson about our recent adventures with our camera's.He told me about Dilham,Norfolk which was a stones throw from us.He'd walked the route recently,admittedly only for the first time but i felt his confidence as he explained some great photo oppotunities.The weather was good and so we set off.As the afternoon went on and the sky changed for the sunset we found ourselves walking along Dilham lock which leads into a long grassed area,it was only after we'd trudged through did Simon inform me it was a popular area for the local snake population.I think his 'Dont tell him of the perils til after' approach was quite Steve Urwin esq and it was only when the light was fading that i heard the dreaded words 'Hmmm,this doesnt look familiar?!' Needless to say,it involved backtracking our whole route,with the last bit in the dark and a humble phonecall to the missus to say there had been a slight hiccup but all in all was a good day with plenty of laughs and good company.Next time,im taking Sat Nav tho Simon ha ha.

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